add on. 20 höhenmeter,


For six weeks “add on. 20 höhenmeter” transforms Wallensteinplatz into a centre of artistic interaction. Peter Fattinger, Veronika Orso and Michael Rieper present sculpture as a usable object, able to communicate and interact with the general public. The basic structure of “add on” consists of a platform reaching up to twenty meters high, in which specially made space modules interlock with finished parts creatively altered from their original purpose. As a generally accessible environment, this structure lets you explore new worlds, offering a range of angles, views and vistas at various levels. The result is a fascinating variety of perspectives on everyday life, our surroundings, as well as on the location of the platform itself. Each day there is a programme of different artists with shows both multidisciplinary and multicultural.

AddressWallensteinplatz, 1200 Vienna
A cooperation betweenPeter Fattinger, Veronika Orso, Michael Rieper
Development, realization artist-in-residence-hubsArchitecture students, TU Wien: Zeynep Aksöz, Veronika Bienert, Lina Cipan, Carmen Deisenhammer, Antonia Dika, Philipp Fleischmann, Fabian Gasser, Romain Gautillot, Julia Körner, Christoph Kronawetter, Anna Lindner, Celine Marguier, Claudia Meixner, Philipp Munz, Jasmin Pokorny, Elias Rubin, Sebastian Schubert, Ursula Seyr, Christian Staudinger, Esther Thomson, Michael Wieser, Angelika Wild, Katharina Zerlauth, Johannes Zotter
Realization add on. 20 höhenmeterClemens Haller, Heinz Holzmann, Armin Kefer, Julian Kerschbaumer, Bernadette Krejs, Christoph Meier, Lars Oberwinter, Franziska Orso, Klaus Ostermann, Maria Pertlwieser, Jakob Poppinger, Bernhard Rasinger, Manuela Reizl, Alexander Sieghartsleitner, David Silhanek, Rainer Steurer, Alexander Wiesauer, Manfred Wuits, Niels Zander, Alexander Zöhrer
ProgramVitus Weh
SponsorsKunst im öffentlichen Raum (project curator: Roland Schöny), Bundeskanzleramt : Kunst
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