The independent and especially utopian production of space which accompanies social and cultural change, has practically ceased to exist. Architects exclusively respond to economic or political demands or market themselves. Even competitions, though highly compatible with the economic system, meanwhile are regarded as subversive and not profitable enough. The results are interchangeable, architects produce commodities. Akt is an association of young architects with the aim to break through this one-dimensionality, to subvert and productively overcome it.

AKT are

Fabian Antosch, Gerhard Flora, Max Hebel, Adrian Judt, Lena Kohlmayr, Philipp Krummel, Gudrun Landl, Lukas Lederer, Susanne Mariacher, Christian Mörtl, Philipp Oberthaler, Charlie Rauchs, Helene Schauer, Kathrin Schelling, Philipp Stern, Harald Trapp.