Association for the Promotion of Art, Architecture, Music and Film
1060 Vienna, Mariahilfer Straße 93/2/24

ZVR registration number: 315956961
VAT-No. ATU 46037603


Eugen Danzinger
Martin Embacher
Martin Heigl
Jakob Lindner
Michael Rieper
Christine Schmauszer
Georg Skerbisch

Irina Koerdt and Sanja Utech

1996–2016 joint venture with Siegfried Frank

current employees:
Christoph Bus
Christian Daschek
Ljubov Ilieva
Helene Schauer
Emily Trummer
Joanna Zabielska
Valentina Gruber

former employees:
Vanessa Braun
Valerie Danzer
Alexander Dworschak
Elena Landschützer
Madlyn Miessgang
Veronika Platz
Elena Romagnoli


Arch. DI Michael Rieper
Mariahilfer Straße 93/2/24
1060 Vienna



MVD, the short form of the Spanish “movido”, which means “emotionally moved”, can be understood as the era of a cultural shift through the targeted use of visual media. MVD has set itself the goal of creating products and services through static as well as moving images and spaces, or the use of appropriate media. MVD sees itself as a team for the conception, development and realisation of visual media in a specific ambience. The spectrum ranges from classic corporate design projects in the fields of culture, art and research, to holistic interactive communication solutions in private and public spaces, to the implementation of own events in the discourse between popular culture and avant-garde.

MVD Austria
Mariahilfer Straße 93/2/24
A 1060 Vienna
T. +43 1 969 19 00
F. +43 1 969 19 00-99

This page is under construction. Our former webpage is still available here 2004.mvd.org