2000 Green

Utilization and Open Space Concept

The transformation of cubic volume by mass civilization is an integral part of all mediums, yet this shift is hardly noticeable in the public space of a city like Graz. The simultaneity of multicultural requirements cannot be reflected by the naming of soccer arenas (Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium) and futile proposals for a megaevent (Olympic Winter Games) or a garden exhibition held in the year 2000 (International Garden Show). The same applies to the desire to create a center of contemporary art. In the process of planning and realization, provincial guidelines alternate with festering doubt about the sense of such an endeavor. The timing, at the end of a century, is conceivably late for a city to devote its energies to the constructability of culture, especially when related approaches have failed more than once in the past.
Fin de si├Ęcle and 2000 Green. The point is to counteract, in a sensitive yet purposeful manner, a rather apocalyptic overall mood through small interventions and activities.

Year 1997
Address Pfauengarten, 8010 Graz
in cooperation withfrank, rieper.
Type Architecture, Urbanism
MVD Georg Skerbisch, Jakob Lindner, Michael Rieper, Siegfried Frank