The exhibition gathers artworks that explore the respective possibilities of analog and digital moving images. The works range from Expanded Cinema to analog and digital experimental films to virtual reality installations.

Digital image technologies open up entirely new artistic possibilities. Their emergence, in turn, also affects the access to analog techniques of image production. The speed, accessibility, and omnipresence of digital images allow us to experience the mechanical precision of analog projectors, the tangible quality of the filmstrip, and the exposure and development process in a different light, as it were.

The exhibition presents artworks that idiosyncratically explore the technological and mechanical foundations of their respective media. By juxtaposition and contrast, analog and digital technologies are presented as what they are: two genuinely different ways of recording, processing, and reproducing moving images, each with its own specific set of aesthetic, material, and conceptual possibilities.

Year 2017–2018
Address METRO Kinokulturhaus, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
CuratorsEva Fischer, Anna Högner
ArtistsSandra Gibson und Luis Recoder (New York), Wim Janssen (Antwerpen), Lydia Nsiah (Wien), Antoinette Zwirchmayr (Wien), Tony Lawrence (Sydney), Virgil Widrich (Wien), Depart/Leonhard Lass und Gregor Ladenhauf (Wien), Rainer Kohlberger (Berlin)
In cooperation withsound:frame
Curator of the retrospectiveVirgil Widrich
October 3rd, 2017 – January 28th, 2018
Type Design, Exhibition-design
MVD Helene Schauer, Martin Embacher