BauKultur Traveling Exhibition

For the traveling exhibition of the Verein BauKultur Steiermark, a system was developed for presenting information in public space. Modules made of aluminum pipes, panels, and pedestals exhibited the architecture of the award-winning projects. Due to the many involved sites, it was important during conceptualization and planning to develop a module system that facilitates easy assembly and disassembly and that adapts to the different conditions on location with flexible exhibition variations.

“Every two years, the Verein BauKultur Steiermark bestows the GerambRose on exemplary projects for the collaborative achievements of project planners, clients, and executing parties. The GerambRose 2018 is dedicated to three areas of focus—‘Public Spaces,’ ‘Common Spaces,’ and ‘Private Spaces’—and to the special category ‘GerambRose – Classics.’ Besides honoring special architectural achievements, the association’s main objectives involve the support of high-quality building culture and networking among people and organizations interested in architecture. The related public relations work is meant to foster broader awareness of architectural quality.
To this end, a traveling exhibition will once again take place in 2019, showing throughout Styria the work of the award winners and the other projects considered for the GerambRose 2018. In collaboration with the seven building district heads and the City of Graz, as well as with educational institutions, the exhibition will be presented in Styrian regions and in the province capital.”

Year 2018–2019
ClientVerein Baukultur Steiermark
Address Traveling exhibition throught Styria
Locations12.03. – 31.03. Hartberg
02.04. – 05.05. Bad Gleichenberg
09.05. – 24.05. Fernitz
28.05. – 16.06. Leibnitz (Schloss Seggau)
18.06. – 07.07. Kapfenberg
09.07. – 22.09. Graz
24.09. – 13.10. St. Lambrecht
15.10. – 04.11. Pruggern
05.11. – 24.11. Weiz
Type Architecture, Design, Exhibition, Exhibition-design
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Joanna Zabielska, Michael Rieper, Veronika Platz