Kino in der Steiermark (Cinema in Styria)

Exhibition: Museum für Geschichte, Cooperation: Filmarchiv Austria, Diagonale, eumigMuseum

The exhibition focuses on more than 125 years of Styrian film and cinema history. Starting with the first film screenings in the late 19th century, the period of travelling cinemas and the founding of the first cinemas are highlighted, as well as film-making in Styria from the 1910s onwards, film and cinema in times of political control, the “golden years” of cinema in the post-war period and the film city of “Thaliwood”.

The cinematic legacy of Styrian cine film amateurs, the production of Eumig film projectors in Fürstenfeld, Styrian underground filmmaking as well as the work of film authors in and from Styria and the great commercial successes of Styrian filmmakers are also topics of the exhibition.

The focus is always on the cinematic images as well as the people and places against the backdrop of contemporary and media history. Photographs and posters, scripts and film sketches, equipment for cinema and (amateur) film technology as well as historical cinema inventory make the known, the unknown and the forgotten visible.

Year 2021
Address Museum für Geschichte, Sackstraße 16, 8010 Graz
Runtime11.03.2022 - 08.01.2023
CuratorsMaria Froihofer, Karl Wratschko
Cooperation withFilmarchiv Austria, Diagonale, eumigMuseum
Client Universalmuseum Joanneum
DesignHeidi Pretterhofer, Michael Rieper, Jakob Jakubowski
MVD Heidi Pretterhofer, Jakob Jakubowski, Michael Rieper