gebaut 2020

architecture prize and exhibition

The City of Vienna – Architecture and Urban Design is once again looking for high-quality architectural projects that have been completed in 2020 for the exhibition “gebaut 2020”. Architects and planners are invited to submit new buildings, add-ons and conversions in the Vienna city area that were realised on private properties in Vienna in 2020, particularly innovative, inspiring and exemplary solutions that contribute to social sustainability and climate issues by means of green facades. Following the remit of the “appraisal”, the focus will be on the appearance and the effect of the building in the urban space.

The selected projects will be awarded with the “gebaut 2020” architecture prize, exhibited in “gebaut 2020” in the premises of the City of Vienna – Architecture and Urban Design and published in the publication “gebaut 2020–2025”.

Year 2021
Type Architecture, Design, Exhibition, Exhibition-design, Publication, Website
MVD Helene Schauer, Martin Embacher, Michael Rieper