gebaut 2021

architecture prize and exhibition

This year, the City of Vienna – Architecture and Urban Design is once again looking for high-quality architectural projects that were completed in the past calendar year for the “gebaut 2021” exhibition. Architects and planners are invited to submit new buildings, add-ons and conversions in the Vienna city area that were realized on private properties in 2021 by March 25, 2022.

The focus will be on the external appearance and the effect of the building in the urban space. In the fight against climate change and heat, the City of Vienna is focusing on innovative building projects that take climate change into account architecturally in their planning. Therefore, projects are especially sought after that provide for a lot of greenery, shading and cooling water. The aim is to encourage architects and developers to use greenery, shading and water spray systems as design and cooling measures in future projects in order to avoid urban heat islands.

For the “gebaut 2021” architecture award, pioneering, inspiring and exemplary solutions are sought that also contribute to social sustainability and climate protection. Among all submitted projects, 27 will be selected and awarded. They will be displayed for one year in the exhibition of the same name in the premises of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design (MA 19) as well as reproduced in the publication “gebaut 2020-2025”.

Year 2022
award presentation at "MIMI im Stadtelefant"02.06.2022
Type Architecture, Design, Exhibition, Exhibition-design, Publication, Website
MVD Martin Embacher, Michael Rieper, Valentina Gruber