Gregor Doblinger: Ma.Ad.Man. Urbanization

Urbanisation and matters in urban planning: investigating a tool for urban development the invention of a utopia and the design of an urban toy

The exciting matters in the context of globalization and urbanization, and the resulting influences on the lives of each of us, lead to a collection of experiences reflected in words and pictures. A discussion of the substantial qualities of urban space which makes a comparison of master planned structures and informally grown areas. Informal growth is a fact in many of the world-s largest urbanities. A discourse in the middle of actual occurrences, historical and social facts influence the sustainability of Life in urban agglomerations. This multitude of collected data and the observed social facets lead to the conceptual design of a Utopia: a Utopia that designates each user the same amount of space in an urban arrangement. Each resident of this Utopia can move and place its unit as it pleases, resulting in a ‘mobile – non static – urbanity’. To observe the possibilities of this Utopia, I wrote a script in the field of algorithmic design, to be able to simulate and optimize random model versions of this urban utopian occurrence. Freedom of scope for every Utopian is a further paradigm, visualized with the help of a further script, also written in the context of this thesis. This script generates from a plurality of options, unique and individual structures. And finally, these units can be reproduced by using rapid manufacturing techniques, this materialized output is a so called ‘urban tool’ and has the quality of a ‘toy’ for anyone, and can be used to mediate urban matters easily.

Year 2015
Master thesisGregor Doblinger
TU Vienna
Institute of Urban Design and Landscape ArchitectureDepartment Urban Design
SupervisorsMichael Rieper, Markus Tomaselli
Type Teachings
MVD Michael Rieper