The exhibition at Atelier Augarten brings together artistic positions of contemporary art revolving around the phenomena of loss, disappointment, and grief. It is the loss of a person close to us—or even the collapse of abstract ideas like friendship, love, or harmonious fellowship—that trigger feelings of grief within us. At the beginning of the exhibition, the central question is posed as to which form painful experience might take in the art of today. And it seems as if the distinguishing media have become, after the loss of clear symbolic languages and pathos formulas, the most important carriers of this feeling, which is so very familiar to us, yet so difficult to name.

Year 2003
ConceptThomas Trummer
PublisherPassagen Verlag Ges. m. b. H., Vienna
ISBN 3-85165-606-7
PrintREMAprint Litteradruck
Format11,5 x 17 cm
156 pages
Type Design, Publication
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Georg Skerbisch, Michael Rieper