public art vienna

“The publication documents how the »Kunst im öffentliche Raum Wien« [Public Art Vienna] initiative came about in the context of the regional and international debate about public art, at a time when this was structurally an entirely new cultural project. Apart from a detailed observation of important individual works of art, the discussion is reinforced by further theoretical perspectives: these involve current concepts of urbanity, the social balance of power or current forms of symbolic agglomeration in the urban space.

This results in a comprehensive presentation of public art in Vienna. The texts establish links not only refer to the diversified history of public art in Vienna, but also to central paradigms in the international discussion of public art, to the background of their resolute reorientation.”
The Publisher

Year 2012
EditorsRoland Schöny
PublisherVerlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
ISBN 978-3-86984-188-5
PrntStiepan & Partner Druck GmbH
Format16,5 x 23,5 cm
212 pages
Type Design, Publication
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Michael Rieper