The Folklore Museum is home to one of the few remaining “traditional costume rooms” – an uncomfortable legacy of the 1930s. Theatrical, lifeless, eerie – this is how the 42 figurines sometimes appear. The traditional costume hall embodied the ideal of a homogeneous “national community”: as a rural, anti-modern and German-Styrian one. This idea of a “naturally” grown uniform identity was now archived through a spatial intervention. The displacement and packaging of the display cases pushes back the staging of the imagined self and creates space for current perspectives on the Trachtensaal: in the display cases, in the mural by Franz Konrad and in the video by Masoud Razavy Pour.

Year 2022
Address Paulustorgasse 11-13a, 8010 Graz
ClientUniversalmuseum Joanneum
DesignBenedikt Haid, Heidi Pretterhofer, Michael Rieper
Team MVDBeatrice Bucher, Valentina Gruber, Michael Haas
CurationVKM Birgit Johler
ManagementVKM Claudia Unger
Team VKM Johannes Maier, Anita Nigelhell, Walter Schweiger, Nikolaus Vodopivec, Patricia Wess
MuralFranz Konrad
Video workMasoud Razavy Pour
Type Exhibition
MVD Beatrice Bucher, Michael Haas, Michael Rieper, Valentina Gruber