Wohnmodelle. Experiment und Alltag, publication

The project Housing Models: Experimentation and Everyday Lifeexplores the question of how experiments in architecture bearing upon everyday life might play out, inspired by eleven international housing projects. The inhabitants are the focus of attention, along with the dwellings themselves. As such, Housing Models: Experimentation and Everyday Life sets itself apart from the classic architectural publication. The residents themselves have photographically documented their housing environments. More than 300 images depict everyday residential life in lieu of—the otherwise customary—empty structures not yet appropriated. Abstracts, essays by local Housing Models correspondents, and extensive design material afford a comprehensive overview, ranging from Chilean self-build social housing to Vienna’s self-administered Sargfabrik to even include an elitist housing collective in Tokyo.

Year 2008
EditorOliver Elser, Michael Rieper, Künstlerhaus Wien
PublisherFolio Verlag
ISBN 978-3-85256-490-6
PrintREMAprint Litteradruck
Format21 x 28,5 cm
302 pages
Links www.wohnmodelle.at
Type Design, Publication
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Michael Rieper