The Story of Graz

As a display collection, 360 GRAZ | The Story of Graz represents the core of the GrazMuseum. The lavishly illustrated book covers all the content of the award-winning permanent exhibition. In the volume—just as in the exhibition spaces—the open form of historical construction becomes comprehensible. The chronologically and thematically arranged exhibition book enables a personal interpretation of the polyphonic history of Graz.

Year 2020
EditorsOtto Hochreiter, Annette Rainer, Martina Zerovnik
PublisherStyria Buchverlag
ISBN: 978-3-222-13658-0
Printed byMedienfabrik Graz
Format21 x 25 cm
304 pages
Links www.styriabooks.at
Type Design, Publication
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Martin Embacher, Michael Rieper, Valerie Danzer