LINZ TEXAS—A City Relates

Midsized cities see themselves as historical centers and simultaneously become sideshows in the dynamics of regional affairs. They oscillate between rural idylls and chronically congested nodes of transportation. They are innovative business hubs yet remain provincial. What is life like in such midsized cities? What perspectives for development are conceivable? This book positions the city of Linz in an international context. Linz is a prototypical midsized town. In recent times, it has occupied a midline position between industry and culture, between economic hub and natural setting. Making use of Vienna and Salzburg as major tourist destinations, the town has recently shown a remarkable talent for reinventing itself. In 2009, Linz was the European Capital of Culture. This exceptional situation called for a new profile. From whom can Linz learn, and what can others learn from Linz? What does Linz have in common with Madrid or Seattle? Which attributes does it share with Moscow or Davos? An urban road movie—to the end of the world—on a quest for the answer.

Year 2008
EditorsAngelika Fitz, Martin Heller
ISBN 978-3-211-78896-7
Text contributions byShumon Basar, Angelika Fitz, Klemens Gruber, Martin Heller, Bart Lootsma, Angelika Schnell, Dietmar Steiner and Roemer van Toorn.
PrintHolzhausen Druck & Medien GmbH
Format20 x 25 cm
206 pages
Languagegerman and english edition
Type Design, Publication
MVD Christine Schmauszer, Georg Skerbisch, Michael Rieper