Volkskundemuseum Graz

wie es ist. Welten – Wandel - Perspektiven

The reopening in April 2021 shows the Folk Life Museum completely renewed. The exhibition “wie es ist. Welten – Wandel – Perspektiven” was conceived with a focus on the present and is dedicated to the life in Styria in various modules. With this exhibition, the Folk Life Museum is part of the “Steiermark Schau”, which runs from April to October at several locations.

The Folk Life Museum deals with the different lives and perspectives of people in times of change and social transformation. The focus is on people who live, work, stay or are otherwise connected to Styria in their relationships with their environments. Through these many facets of history, present and future, so the exhibition remains in motion and constantly adds and changes something to the individual modules. Thus, as a permanent exhibition, it remains constant and varied.

Year 2020–2021
Address Paulustorgasse 11-13a 8010 Graz, Österreich
Idea and conceptBenedikt Haid, Heidi Pretterhofer, Michael Rieper
Opening hoursdaily, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Project managementClaudia Unger
CuratorsBirgit Johler
Links www.museum-joanneum.at
Type Architecture, Design, Exhibition, Exhibition-design, Reconstruction, Signage system
MVD Beatrice Bucher, Benedikt Haid, Christian Daschek, Christoph Bus, Emily Trummer, Heidi Pretterhofer, Joanna Zabielska, Michael Rieper, Valentina Gruber